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Friday, August 26, 2016

The Effects of Zika Start to Show

Nine fetuses and three infants have been identified as having diverse defects
linked to this virus

El Nuevo Dia

Marga Parés Arroyo

The first baby in Puerto Rico with severe microcephaly, due to the Zika virus
epidemic that’s sweeping the Island, could be born within three weeks.

There are 12 total known cases of fetuses and babies with birth defects linked
to this condition. There is at least one unborn child with microcephaly, three
fetuses and two babies with brain damage, two fetuses with growth restriction,
a baby with intrauterine growth restriction (IGR) who died shortly after being
born, two intrauterine fetal deaths, and one fetus with severe microcephaly that
is expected to be born within three weeks...[CONTINUE READING]

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