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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Help Find This Missing Baby

This was posted on our Facebook page tonight...

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  1. In response to all and the post itself:

    I am the mother of Valentina and I'm taking a minute to try to educate those that care to understand and not act out of ignorance on this matter.

    Valentina was born in Puerto Rico and has lived in PR since birth. I moved when I was pregnant and this is my home and my domicile and Valentina's. I've only visited FL for short periods of time since she was born. If you understand the term 'home state' and jurisdiction, you know what this means. For the ones who do not, here's a similar case so that you can understand the importance of those:

    So, this is not the first instance when a judge tries to go above constitutional rights (this custody case was filed in April 2016, Valentina was born in July). Right now there are two open cases in the Court of Appeals to defend such rights in this case.

    My point is, Valentina is home with the only family that she knows and has been with since birth. She has an amazing big sister, whom I've have custody of since birth, and a huge family that adores her and us. That will not change. I'm not running and I'm not hiding, I'm living my life as I have the right to do and will continue to do. Fortunately, I do not have any mental health condition, and if you have any common sense, you know the value of assumptions.

    In addition, anyone can report a missing person, the problem is she was never missing from a place where she hadn't lived or from someone who has never spend a day with her or spend a dollar on her support. I've called the number on the post myself so this is not news to them. Apart from this being a civil case (not a criminal one or federal one) and the judge being a District Court judge, even an arrest order or Writ of bodily attachment has its limitations. Again, just to educate:

    Also, there are open cases in Puerto Rico as well, where PR is not renouncing subject matter jurisdiction, so this is not as "simple" as this post intends to make you belief.

    I'm not attempting to win anyone's support, my intention is to educate and clarify the context of the situation, because actions taken out of ignorance or due to misplaced emotional accomplish the same as the ones done without the use of common sense...