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Monday, March 13, 2017

Puerto Rico News Digest For March 13, 2017


From Friday night through Sunday morning, eight people died violently in
separate incidents across Puerto Rico, as reported by El vocero. Yesterday in
the Naranjito sector of Caguas, a burnt body was found in a gold 2003 Toyota
Corolla. Police are investigating whether this is the body of car salesman Ant-
onio Valentín Pérez, age 38, who was kidnapped from his home by robbers dr-
essed as police officers early on Sunday. In another incident at 2:45 AM Sun-
day, Wilfredo P. Medina Sprolito, age 26, was shot to death in the Los Caobos
neighborhood of Ponce. Then, at 3:30 AM, 19-year-old Jadiel Daniel López A-
cevedo was stabbed to death by his stepfather Víctor Rodríguez Tapia in the
Reparto Valencia neighborhood of Bayamón. Rodríguez Tapia was arrested
shortly thereafter.

On Saturday, Alexis Omar Cintrón Meléndez, age 29, was shot to death in a bu-
siness called "El Jarambe" in the Piñones area of the town of Loíza. That same
day, a person was shot at the "Happy Liquor Store" in Ponce, while another per-
son was killed in Santa Isabel. On Friday night, merchant Eddie Cosme Rodrí-
guez, age 60, was shot to death after he confronted robbers who burst into his
restaurant, El Mezzanine, in the town of Toa Alta. One of the robbers also died
after being shot by the business owner. Meanwhile, also on Friday, a young man
was shot to death on Borinquén Avenue in the Barrio Obrero section of Santurce.
This weekend's death toll brings the number of murders in Puerto Rico so far this
year to 137, seven more than at this time last year.


From The San Juan Daily Star:

"The cuts announced by the Financial Oversight and Management Board, incl-
uding reducing teachers’ work hours and other essential public services, show
that “this clique of executioners” does not care about the “public workers’ suf-
fering,” teachers union Educamos charged on Thursday. “They want to take our
money and turn it over to thosewho led us to current fiscal crisis,” Educamos
said in a written statement. “The 20 percent reduction in the working hours of
public employees and 10 percent in the case of teachers, leaves no doubt about
the criminal intentions of the representatives of the vulture funds in Puerto Rico.”


From Caribbean Business:

"With the expectation of announcing what will finally be Puerto Rico’s fiscal
direction for the next 10 years, Promesa’s fiscal control board holds Monday—
at 9 a.m. and in New York City—its fifth public meeting.The agenda includes
the presentation of the island’s bridge financial data, the approval of measures
that address short-term government liquidity and, of course, the certification of
a fiscal plan for Puerto Rico. The conclave will be at the Alexander Hamilton
U.S. Custom House building...Several groups are expected to protest outside the


From El Nuevo Dia:

"The acting US Attorney for the District of Puerto Rico, Rosa Emilia Rodríg-
uez, was excluded from the list of US attorneys that were asked to resign by
Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Therefore, Rodríguez—whose appointment is
extended until 2019—will remain in charge of the Island’s federal attorneys, as
confirmed by Lymarie Llovet, spokesperson of the US Department of Justice in
Puerto Rico. Llovet explained that Rodríguez was exempted from the resignat-
ion petition because she was not appointed by a president, but by the federal
District  Court..."


From News Is My Business:

"The Puerto Rico Football Club is gearing up to start its second regular season,
hosting more local games than last year, as team owners look to boost the visib-
ility and performance of the young member of the North American Soccer Lea-
gue. In an exclusive interview with this media outlet, PRFC President Tom Pay-
ne said the team’s local business should increase by about 45 percent during the
2017 season, primarily because “we’re jumping from 11 to 16 home games in
our regular season..."

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