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Friday, January 16, 2015

An Interview With Puerto Rican Author Angel Fuentes

Like many an artist who has had to pull up stakes in order to better
realize their creative dreams, Puerto Rican author Angel Fuentes left
his native island in 2010 for New York City in order to better pursue
a writing career. Which is not to say he hadn't already done plenty
in Puerto Rico. Fuentes had been writing for years before his move.
Not only did he write numerous stories for the Puerto Rico- based
indie comic book publisher Razor Blade Apple, he was also the
imprint's founder and publisher, as well as the creator of several of
its characters. Besides this, Fuentes wrote for local television,
contributed stories to a local anthology and even wrote and co-
produced the Spanish-language black comedy film Santa Cristal.

His latest (and first) novel, Violet Descends, was published last
November by Panico Press, after its unveiling at an event in midtown
Manhattan. We recently caught up with the author to chat about his
roots and his work.

Why did you decide to go into 
writing, and when did you start 
writing professionally?

Since I was a kid I've always enjoyed
telling stories, either by writing comic
strips or writing school plays. But I
never actually considered myself to be
 a writer until college, when I began
self publishing comics and writing
short stories and screenplays. After
more than a decade doing that, I
decided to also try writing novels.

Your first novel, which came out 
very recently, is titled Violet 
Descends.  What is it about?

Violet Descends is the story of an angel that decided to quit her duties.
The consequences of her actions will affect the world as she accidentally
triggers the apocalypse.

Where and how did the character of Violet originate?

Violet was inspired by a girl I met through a friend at a party. Her
immaturity, insecurity and gothic look greatly influenced my angel
character...[CONTINUE READING]

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