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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Why Are So Many Young Puerto Ricans Leaving Home?



by Samuel Oakford

Everywhere you go in Puerto Rico, people want to leave. "Why would
I stay?" Jannette Sanchez, a 30-year-old law student at San Juan's Inter-
american University, asked VICE News during a recent trip to take
stock of the increasingly dismal life in the United States' most populous
overseas territory. Sanchez, whose father once had a high-paying job at
the now nearly insolvent government electrical company, ticked off the
times she had been a victim of violence. With friends in Dallas — along
with half a dozen other American cities — Sanchez plans to move to
Texas immediately after graduating. "There are people here with master's
degrees and PhDs who work at Walmart part-time," she said. "It's a

Emigration has long been a pressure-release valve in Puerto Rico, usher-
ing the discontented and unwanted off the island and avoiding a reckon-
ing that might otherwise result if there weren't an open border to the main-

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