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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

PR McDonald's Restaurants Join Union Petition

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Puerto Rican McDonald’s operators have joined a petition by the Service
Employees International Union submitted to the Federal Trade Commi-
ssion Monday to launch an investigation into the franchise sector and issue
recommendations for curbing ”abusive and predatory” practices by fran-
chisors in the $800 billion industry.

JosĂ© Quijano, a former vice president at McDonald’s Corp. and current
McDonald’s franchisee from Puerto Rico, spoke on behalf of all Puerto Ri-
can McDonald’s operators about how McDonald’s franchisees on the island
collectively lost control of their businesses overnight in 2007 after the com-
pany unilaterally installed the South American investment firm Arcos Dora-
dos as the region’s new franchisor...[CONTINUE READING]

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