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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Real Deal Guide To Puerto Rico: Now Updated!


NEW THIRD EDITION FOR SUMMER 2015, now with updated
information, a new section on events and more attractions!

This concise, handy and humorous travel guide will tell you most 
of what you need to know to get to Puerto Rico, have a great time 
and return home happy. Useful information on transportation, lodging, attractions, sightseeing, nightlife, restaurants, safety and 
much more. Written by people who have repeatedly traveled to the island, even including someone who grew up there. Numerous gor-
geous color photographs  give you a fuller idea of what to expect. 
A must-read for anyone who is considering a vacation in sunny 
Puerto Rico for the first time. Get all the information you need for
a lower price than other travel guides!

Click HERE to buy, only $3.99 in e-book form!

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