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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

List of Water Oases In La Plata Rationing Zones

Oases are locations where the island's water provider, AAA, will distribute
potable water from tanker trucks from 9:00AM  to 8:00PM daily. Bring
containers for water. The listing can be found in Spanish here. Listings
for both zones served by the La Plata reservoir are below:

La Plata South

  1. Ave. Hostos, int. Ave. Santa Juanita, in front of Funeraria Asencio
  2. Ave. Irlanda final
  3. Ave. Las Cumbres, Centro Comercial Ciudad Jardin
  4. PR-167, in front of Rexville Plaza
  5. PR-167, int. PR-812, near the municipal well
  6. PR-167, Bellavista service road
  7. PR-829, in front of Parcelas Nuevas de Sabanas
  8. PR-830, int. of Ave. Principal Caná, in front of Universidad Interamericana
  9. PR-831, in front of Sierra Taína
  10. PR-840, int. calle 3, in front of old Cortijo shopping center

Toa Alta
  1. PR-828,  Toa Alta Heights Shopping Center
  2. PR-861, int. Ave. Providencia

La Plata North

  1. Ave. Magnolia, int. calle Lancaster
  2. Ave. West Main, in front of Plaza del Sol
  3.  Pepín Cestero Court 
  4. Rio Hondo Shopping Center
  5. In front of Bayamón Regional Hospital
  6. PR-167, Bo. Braulio Dueño
  7. PR-2,  Santa Rosa Mall service road
  8. PR-872, in front of Hogar Crea
  1. Ave. Boulevard Las Palmas, in front of post office
  2. Ave. Flor del Valle
  3. PR-5, near Perucho Cepeda Ballpark
  4. PR-869, Parcelas William Fuentes
Toa Alta
  1. PR-863, int. Ave. San Pedro
Toa Baja
  1. Ave. Boulevard Monroig, near Punta Salinas public beach 
  2. La Rosaleda Shopping Center
  3. Antonio R. Barceló Coliseum
  4. PR-863, int. Ave. San Pedro
  5. PR-867, int. Ave. Campanilla, Bo. Ingenio

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