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Monday, July 27, 2015

Puerto Rico News Digest For July 27, 2015


From The San Juan Daily Star:

The New Progressive Party (NPP) has barely enough money to operate. But for
NPP gubernatorial hopeful Ricardo Rosselló, fundraising activities have not been
affected by the fiscal crisis at all. The NPP’s finances, however, have been hit hard,
mainly because of the dispute over who will be the party’s candidate for governor.
A document from the State Elections Commission (SEC) Comptroller’s Office sho-
ws that as of June 30, the NPP had only $175 left in its electoral fund out of the $
400,000 the party receives each year for administra-tive costs. Meanwhile, the Po-
pular Democratic Party (PDP), as of June 30, had left some $171,000 left in its fu-
nd, and the Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP) had some $260,000. Accordi-
ng to the Electoral Law, it won’t be until January 2016 that the political parties
will have access to another $600,000 for election year expenses.


From Caribbean Business:

The unity of the Puerto Rican people was the central idea put forward by Gov.
Alejandro García Padilla in his message commemorating the 63rd year of the Co-
mmonwealth of Puerto Rico's Constitution, while people in the vicinity of the
Sabana Grande public square shouted, "Four more years!" The governor addressed
the crowd, saying Puerto Ricans should "celebrate that unity of purpose to cre-
ate an autonomous constitutional government signed in 1952." In his speech Sa-
turday, the governor spoke of former Gov. Luis A. Ferré, who ran under the Repu-
blican Statehood Party, and don Lino Padrón Rivera, of the Puerto Rican Socia-
list Party. "Without renouncing their ideals, they were able able to affix their
signatures on a document that, without a doubt, they certainly believed imperfect.
They must have known the consequences; the political and electoral risk they fa-
ced in supporting the agenda of their opponent," Luis Muñoz Marín.


From National Post:

Canada won its first medal ever in men’s indoor volleyball at the Pan American
Games on the final day of competition Sunday. Canada beat Puerto Rico 3-1 (25-11,
25-12, 23-25, 25-18), in front of a sea of red and white at the Exhibition Centre
to snatch the bronze medal, the 70th such medal for Canada in these Games. The
bronze also happens to be Canada’s only medal at any of the indoor or beach volley-
ball competitions. The program’s previous-best finish in men’s volleyball came in
1979 and 1999, where Canada ended up in fourth place.


From AAA:

Carraízo stands at 35.13 centimeteres, while La Plata is registering a 37.06 cm
level this morning. NO significant rain is expected for the next several days.

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