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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

List of Water Oases For The Carraízo Rationing Zones

Oases are locations where the island's water provider, AAA, will distribute
potable water from tanker trucks from 9:00 AM  to 8:00 PM daily. Bring con-
tainers for water. The listing can be found in Spanish here. Water rationing 
for areas served by the Carraízo reservoir is currently on a 24-hours-with-
water-on / 72-hours-water-off cycle. The Carraízo rationing area is divided
into two zones, A and B. A map of the zones can be found below. Zone A 
is shaded green, while Zone B is in blue.

Zone A

San Juan

Ave. San Claudio in front of Chalets de Cupey
Barrio Buen Consejo/Venezuela
PR 176 Int 199, in front of Academia Barbara Ann Roessler

Trujillo Alto

PR 181, in front of Urb. Lomas
PR 843, KM 4.1, in front of Urb. Villas de Carraízo
PR 846, in front of Urb. Interamericana


Ave. Campo Rico in front of José M. Lázaro School
Ave. Fragoso service road east of Plaza Carolina mall
Ave. Monserrate, corner of Roberto Clemente
Ave. Pontezuela, corner of Calle 1, Jardines de Country Club, in front 
of Mormon church.
Calle 516, Villa Carolina, in front of Municipal HQ.
Laguna Gardens Shopping Center

Urb. Villa Carolina, calle 23in front of Lulo González Voleyball Court

Zone B

San Juan

Ave. Eduardo Conde, corner of Ave. San Jorge
Ave. Gándara, corner of Ponce De León
Ave. Monte Carlo, in front of Portal de la Reina Condominium
Calle Julio Andino, corner of Ana Otero, Villa Prades
65th Infantry Shopping Center, in front of Mickey Mouse court
Residencial Kennedy, Las Casas and Eduardo Conde Final


PR 3, in front of Los Colobos Shopping Center
PR 853, Int 852, Barrio Barrazas in front of Emergency Management
PR 860, in front of Metrópolis Shoping Center


Urb. River Gardens/River Plantation

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