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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Three Day Rationing For Carraízo Starts Next Week

Reservoir levels for today. Carraízo is on the left.

SAN JUAN (PRM) -- Amid Puerto Rico's worst drought in decades, the
water levels at the Carraízo  reservoir -- which serves a large part  of the
San Juan metro area -- continue to fall to dangerously low levels. This has
prompted the island's water utility, Autoridad de Acueductos y Alcantari-
llados, to extend the water rationing plan that Carraízo users have been
under for several weeks. According to AAA management, the Carraízo
reservoir level is now so low, that it may soon be rendered inoperative.

Starting next Wednesday, August 13th, running water will be shut off
for three days rather than the current two days, and will then be on for
one day. Of the two rationing zones the Carraízo service area is divi-
ded into, Zone B will be the first to be subjected to the three-day ratio-
ning, with Zone A following suit two days later. A map of the Carraí-
zo zones can be found below. No significant rainfall over the area is
expected for the time being, although the government announced yes-
terday that they will soon begin a program of cloud seeding, in hopes
of generating rain over the dwindling reservoirs of Carraízo, La Plata
and Cidra.

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