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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Medcan Foundation to Hold Medical Cannabis Seminars in Puerto Rico

Press Release

San Juan, PR, Sept. 21, 2015 – Medcan Foundation today announced it will
hold their first Medical cannabis seminars in San Juan, Puerto Rico at the
Condado Plaza Hilton on Oct. 17th & 18th and provide participants with an
introduction into the lucrative career opportunities in the rapidly growing le-
galized cannabis industry.

Medcan Foundation is an innovative group of entrepreneurial professionals
with over one hundred years of combined experience in the fields of medici-
ne, science, marketing, federal law and business management. “Medcan Fo-
undation’s primary objective is to provide our students with the most com-
prehensive information available on the subject of the medicinal cannabis in-
dustry; to apprise them of all of the legal ramifications and introduce them to
the rapidly emerging medical cannabis commerce,” commented Dante Pica-
zo, Medcan Foundation’s president and CEO. “Our seminars offer an outstan-
ding curriculum designed for people working in the industry or potential pa-
tients wanting to be well informed on the subject. Medcan’s seminars are the
quintessential precursor to those either wanting to start their own business or
work within the industry or patients in need of information about medical ca-

“Medcan Foundation is preparing a structure and a pathway to those interested
in a profession within this newly emerging business. We have prepared and
organized a group of educational seminars that can help interested people be-
come a part of  this exciting new industry, should they choose to do so.

“The opportunities brought about by this newly emerging phenomenon are limit-
less. Everything from owning or running your own clinic to becoming a caregi-
ver or a grower, based on the history and track record of other states where ca-
nnabis has been decriminalized for medical purposes, the cannabis industry pre-
sents new opportunities where abundant success is inevitable. The proof is highly
visible by just witnessing the economic explosion that has happened in the states
that have taken the step to legalize this much needed medical miracle.

“The time has come to stop denying wellness to those who need it because of
outmoded thinking. If you are interested in any of the opportunities presented by
this emerging new industry you will find our seminars informative and helpful;
however, seating is limited and we tend to fill up fast, ” Picazo concluded.

For more information, please visit us at medcanfoundation.com or call (787)

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