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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Elizabeth Warren Rips the Obama Administration on Puerto Rico

After Obama finally rolled out a plan, Sen. Warren calls on the government 
to do more for the US colony.

Mother Jones

By AJ Vicens 

After months of facing indifference from Congress, the people of
Puerto Rico might finally be making progress on getting some help
with the island's massive debt crisis from both the Obama adminis-
tration and Congress.

Last Wednesday, the Obama administration outlined a proposal that
would allow the island's entities to restructure debts, provide "inde-
pendent financial oversight" to ensure Puerto Rico sticks to a finan-
cial recovery plan, reform the unequal treatment of Puerto Rico un-
der Medicaid, and allow Puerto Rico access to the Earned Income
Tax Credit.

The next day, Puerto Rico Gov. Alejandro García Padilla, Rep. Pe-
dro Pierluisi, and representatives from the Treasury Department tes-
tified before the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resour-
ces. García Padilla said steep cuts to public services had already
been made, but that if nothing were done, the island would run out
of money next month...[CONTINUE READING]

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