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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Only The Young Can Save Puerto Rico


by Richard Lawless

Every year hundreds of millions of dollars in public funds are allegedly stolen 
by Puerto Rico’s professional political class and government workers.  Money
 that could not only pay Puerto Rico’s debt payments but help pay off their 
staggering debt. Because of this, government services are curtailed and the 
poor continue to suffer. 

Senior Puerto Ricans have been a part of this culture of corruption for so 
long that they have no desire to change it. 

According to 2015 RICO charges, a scheme to steal one hundred million 
dollars a year in public funds from the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority 
(PREPA) was uncovered.  The auditors that uncovered the theft were fired 
and the Directors at PREPA that supported the auditors were replaced or 
bought off. 

It is this kind of outcome that keeps middle age Puerto Ricans from speaking 
up. They fear the loss of their jobs or worse. In the meantime, government 
employees like William Rodney Clark (RICO Defendant), the Manager for the 
PREPA fuel purchase office, takes an early retirement to enjoy the alleged re-
wards associated with participating in some of the islands on-going corruption.

The Puerto Rico government has failed to provide audited financial state-
ments for two years.  There is no credible accounting firm on the globe that 
wants to be a party to these allegedly inaccurate or fraudulent government 
accounting schemes.

No, it has to be the youngest generation of Puerto Ricans that cleans us this 
mess and saves Puerto Rico.  Teenagers, young adults and college students 
are Puerto Rico’s only hope.  Maybe, just maybe they have had enough and 
want to save this beautiful island for their children.

Richard Lawless is CEO of Commercial Solar Power, Inc. in Temecula, CA. The opinions expressed  in the 
preceding commentary are exclusively his own.

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