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Friday, March 18, 2016

Bernie Sanders Represents Real Hope for Puerto Rico

Huffington Post

Adrian Brito

If you are Puerto Rican, whether you live in the continental U.S or in
the island, you are probably paying close attention to the Democratic
primaries. If you haven’t, now it’s very important that you do. Why?
Because one of the candidates just released the most comprehensive
and detailed plan on Puerto Rico so far in the race for the White House.
That candidate is Bernie Sanders.

Senator Bernie Sanders, the underestimated underdog turned serious
contender for the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party, just
released an impressive plan to address not one, but virtually all of the
Puerto Rico’s main issues. Sanders’ Plan for Puerto Rico is so wide-
ranging and complete that some could say it’s unprecedented for a
presidential hopeful...[CONTINUE READING]

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