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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

GDB Rejects Shutdown & Privatization Rumors

Press Release

Government Development Bank

April 1st, 2016

Today, Melba Acosta Febo, President of the Government Development Bank
for Puerto Rico ("GDB" or the “Bank”), issued the following statement in res-
ponse to several rumors recently reported in the media:

“The Government Development Bank became aware of rumors claiming that
a bill will be introduced today to shut down the Bank. This rumor is false – the
GDB will neither shut down nor be privatized.

This irresponsible rumor is damaging to the Bank as an institution, as well as
needlessly harmful to our employees and their families. Bank management has
met with employees and informed them that, due to the fragility of the Bank’s
liquidity, all available options are currently being reviewed. These options will
responsibly address the issues facing the Bank and will not involve the dismi-
ssal of public employees. As we have for weeks, GDB representatives continue
to engage with a considerable group of our creditors about the restructuring of
the GDB’s debt. As we have stated publicly, the Government is also considering
additional measures to address this situation, such as declaring a temporary mo-
ratorium on payments, and amending the GDB charter.

I, and representatives of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (“PREPA”),
were recently in London attending meetings regarding the GDB’s and PREPA’s
soon-to-expire insurance policies. This was a long scheduled trip – though these
policies are active, we are in the process of negotiating their renewal. During the-
se meetings, I provided an overview on the Commonwealth’s finances, covering
the Krueger report, the Fiscal Adjustment Plan, the public offer made to bondhol-
ders and the status of the Commonwealth’s and PREPA’s debtrestructuring nego-
tiation processes.

As I have stated publicly on multiple occasions, including this week, it is impor-
tant that everyone in Puerto Rico understand that the GDB’s fiscal standing, as
well as the Commonwealth’s fiscal standing, is delicate due to the fiscal crisis we
are confronting. For this reason, the GDB’s Board of Directors and management
continue to urgently evaluate all available options to safeguard public finances.
We will continue to move forward on several initiatives simultaneously as no
final decisions have been made at this time.”

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