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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

We Follow-Up With 'Violet Descends' Author Angel Fuentes

Several months ago, we talked to Puerto Rico-born author Angel Fuentes about his
sci-fi/fantasy novel, Violet Descends. Never one to rest on his laurels, Mr. Fuentes
has been busy at work ever since on a variety of projects. We sat down again with
him this week to catch up on what it is that he has been slaving over since the suc-
ccesful release of his first novel...

What have you been up to since the publication 
of Violet Descends? 

I spent about eight months promoting the book
online and at conventions. I'm also trying to find
better venues to get the book in people's hands.
Still working on it.  On the creative side, in addi-
tion to writing the next book of the Seven Lights
saga,  I've returned to writing comics.

What can we expect as you continue to tell the 
story of the Seven Lights Saga?

The next book is called Transient of the Stars. It's
about angels and space and aliens (Whaaat?!) It
will be a shorter novel than Violet Descends. Ho-
pefully, it should come out by the end of this year
or early 2017.

You've been very involved in comic writing, editing and publishing through 
the years, mostly with your own RBA Studios, but have concentrated more 
on prose the last few years. Are you getting back into comics now?

Yessir! I love comics. It's a collaborative medium and obviously it's visuals make
the story more immediate. Right now, my artist friends Ivonne Falcon and Wilfre-
do Lopez and I are giving the final touches to a Black Angel one shot special co-
ming out on August 1st  It will contain two comic stories and one prose in addition
to a preview of something else we'll be promoting soon. All of this will be FREE
for download through my site www.panicopress.com and ireadbooks.com.

Where do you see the Seven Lights Saga going in the long  term?

I see the Seven Lights as a multimedia franchise that will make me and Ivonne
rich beyond our wildest dreams! Lol!

Actually, I want to explore this creationist based world Ivonne and I created in
terms of themes and genres and maybe ask some questions about the role of God
and religion in modern society. On my next book, for example, I mix up my ange-
lic mythology with the possible existence of aliens, and how religious belief can
be undone by the discovery of the unknown.  Genre speaking, this new book will
play more as an alien invasion story rather than the apocalyptic fantasy that was
Violet Descends.

Which character, or characters, are you intending to focus more on in your 
future work?

The prose book, Transient of the Stars, will focus more on Zadkiel, also known as
Blue. He is the angel of progress and invention, and a space nut. However, his an-
gelic beliefs are question when he discovers there's something out there other than
angels, demons and humans.

On the comic side, the Black Angel comic will focus on Azrael, the angel of death,
her origins, and a vision with a small taste of things to come.

You've been in New York for a few years 
now, but surely you've kept up with the 
troubling situation in Puerto Rico. What is 
your take on the current economic and social 
crisis on the island?

Polititians in congress may be hiding behind
the excuse that PR's Government has been ne-
gligent to avoid helping out, but PR is a part of
the United States and it is inevitable that anyth-
ing that disrupts Puerto Rico's economy will aff-
ect US economy too. The time to take action is

If you could work with one author or artist, 
dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Oh, that's easy. Grant Morrison.  He's an author that goes way beyond convention
and takes imagination on a whole new level. To some people his work may seem a
bit too out there, but there is always a logic to his madness. The way he influences
my work is by showing me I can go anywhere with these concepts I've come up
with. I would love to see what he would do with my angels, specially Goldie.

Where can people learn more about your work and what to expect next?

Angels of the Seven Lights on Facebook @emoangelviolet on Twitter and

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