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Friday, October 14, 2016

The Puerto Rico Monitor Endorses Rafael Bernabe For Governor

Puerto Rico has long been under the stranglehold of two large, corrupt political
parties, which are both in large part directly responsible for the social and econo-
mic dire straits that Puerto Rico finds itself in. The Puerto Rico Indepedence Par-
ty can no longer be seen as a viable alternative to these two parties...we need par-
ties and candidates who do not make the relationship between Puerto Rico and the
US Federal government their main reason for being. Independent "man (or woman)
on a white horse" candidates can't and won't tackle the real issues affecting middle
and working class Puerto Ricans. This is why the Puerto Rico Monitor endorses the
Working People's Party candidate Rafael Bernabe for Governor of Puerto Rico in
the 2016 election.

Dr. Bernabe's priority is to make Puerto Rico a place that works primarily for the
people who keep it running, not millionaires, industrialists, so-called investors or
corrupt machine politicians. He is the only candidate advocating for much needed
ideas like single-payer health care, a taxation system that demands fair contributi-
ons from our upper classes and economic reforms that will promote local business
over big-box-style retail and capital flight. He is also a friend of the LGBT comm-
unity and an advocate of preserving our valuable natural resources. Mr. Bernabe is
also in favor of an electoral system based on proportional representation, which
would open up our democracy to greater and more meaningful representation.

It is time to walk away from the corrupt party hacks, the hustlers, thieves and liars,
and cast a vote for the Puerto Rico that the majority sorely needs. Bernabe is not be-
holden to political party machines, donors or corporations. Regardless of your views
on Puerto Rico's political status, we encourage you take that first step by voting for
Rafael Bernabe on November 8th.

For more information, visit: http://ppt2016.org/candidaturas/nacionales

-The Editor

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