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Friday, November 7, 2014

Quick Explanation: Puerto Rico's Relationship With The U.S.

What is Puerto Rico's relationship with the United States?

For the couple of years after the invasion by the United States, Puerto
Rico was ruled militarily. In 1900, a civilian government was established
on the island through the Foraker Act. The upper house of the legislature
and the governor were appointed by the President of the United States.
Partly as a way for the U.S. military to gain new recruits to fight in
World War I, the Jones Act of 1917 gave all Puerto Ricans United States
citizenship, although the right to vote for the President was still not
granted. The island also had no voting representative in Congress, just
a "Resident Commissioner". This position was elective after 1917, but the
Resident Commissioner could still only vote in committee with no voting
privileges on the House floor.,,[READ MORE]

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