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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Lugaro Counts On Social Networks For Support

Fox News Latino/EFE
Alfonso Rodriguez

The first independent candidate for governor of Puerto Rico, Alexandra
Lugaro, is counting on social networks to promote her image and create
a niche for herself in a system controlled for decades by two parties.

Lugaro, a 33-year-old attorney, told Efe in an interview Monday that
despite her campaign's lack of means to challenge the island's two hege-
monic parties, she firmly believes she can become the next governor of
Puerto Rico by making full use of social networks.

"Yes, I see myself as governor," Lugaro says about the balloting in
November 2016, a prospect she faces short of the financial wherewithal
traditionally needed to battle the ruling PPD, which promotes Puerto
Rico's status as a U.S. commonwealth, and the PNP, which wants the
island to...[CONTINUE READING]

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