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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

PR Government Releases Fiscal Plan

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Delivered just over two months after Gov. Alejandro García Padilla tasked
the Economic Recovery Working Group with it, the Puerto Rico government
publicly released Wednesday the Fiscal & Economic Growth Plan (FEGP) —
an encompassing blueprint for the government to follow during the next five
years in a bid to bridge a $28 billion cumulative financing gap.

Besides a long and diverse list of measures aimed at jumpstarting the econo-
my, increasing revenue and further cutting government spending, the plan al-
so calls for the reprofiling, or restructuring, of about $47 billion of the island’s
$73 billion debt load, as the island will not be able to meet debt-service requi-
rements as scheduled, even after full implementation of the plan.

Debt-restructuring efforts would follow the Puerto Rico Electric Power Au-
thority (Prepa) example, and affect various issuers, including the common-
wealth’s general-obligation (GO) and Sales Tax Financing Corp. (Cofina by
its Spanish acronym) bonds...[CONTINUE READING]

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