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Friday, September 4, 2015

Quick Puerto Rico Restaurant Reviews


364 Calle Fortaleza,Old San Juan * 787-977-3886 * $$$

This latin-asian fusion eatery has been in Old San Juan for well over a
decade, and shows no signs of slowing down. Always crowded (they
don’t normally even take reservations, but calling ahead to get a feel
for how busy it is is usually a good idea), but always worth it. It’s in
a really old Old San Juan building, and it’s set up inside to kind of look
and feel like an old Chinese opium den…dark, cramped and labyrin-
thine (it has two levels connected by narrow, winding stairways). This
may sound less than ideal, but the atmosphere it tries to create really
works. Try the chorizo fried rice, the fried calamari or the grilled tuna
steak. Or anything, really. It’s on the expensive side, but oh so good.

Lechonera El Mojito

PR-184, Cayey 00736, Puerto Rico *  787-738-8888  *  $

Part of Puerto Rico’s increasingly famous “Pork Highway” in the Gua-
vate area of the central town of Cayey, El Mojito will likely be the first
“lechonera” you will see upon entering Guavate. And while you should
certainly explore as many of the rest as you can, this place has every-
thing you need. Delectable, crispy-skinned roast pork (“lechon”), deli-
cious rice and beans, mouth-watering desserts, and lots of other Puerto
Rican treats. The service is cafeteria style and pretty informal, but the
place looks clean and welcoming. You can tell it’s the real deal by the
amount of locals you’ll see eating here. Order enough to take some ho-
me with you, you’ll really thank yourself.

Mi Casita

Plazoleta Isla Verde, San Juan 00979, Puerto Rico  *  787-791-1777  *  $

Mi Casita is a long-time favorite for affordable and authentic Puerto Ri-
can food. Mofongo is their specialty, and while it’s a bit heavy after the
fact (get some Tums), it is as delicious a mofongo as you’ll find anywhe-
re. It’s a small, unassuming place, but service is friendly. A must if you
want local  food in the Isla Verde area and don’t feel like spending a ton
of money.

Rosa Mexicano

The Shops At Paseo Caribe
Ave. Munoz Rivera San Juan PR 00907 * 939-338-7344  *  $$

Unless they’re confused as to where they actually are, most people don’t
come to Puerto Rico to eat Mexican food. But I felt I had to mention San
Juan’s branch of this impressive Mexican chain. Everything is carefully
prepared and loaded with taste: the chile, the seafood, the beef, the rice,
even the churros. This also looks like it would be a fun spot to hang out
on a weekend night, as I’m sure the bar area would be pumping into the
wee hours. Not cheap by any means, but for the area (it’s next to the
swanky Caribe Hilton resort), it’s pretty reasonable.


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