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Friday, March 4, 2016

Letter To The Editor

We the people are fed up with the lies and deceit of the greedy
politicians who think more of themselves than the people they
represent.  They are a group of self-righteous individuals who
capitalize on every opportunity to benefit themselves.  Our voice
is being heard loud and clear.  Politicians, you will mistreat us no
more.  We will elect a person who is not a politician and cannot be
bought.  One who is on a mission to take this country back and res-
tore the greatness that it once had.  We will elect a one Donald J.
Trump.  And so it shall be.

George Devine
Kokomo, Indiana

1 comment:

  1. Why Donald Trump is America’s “Trump Card”

    According to the Free Dictionary by Farlex, a trump card is:
    1. A card in the trump suit, held in reserve for winning a trick.
    2. A key resource to be used at an opportune moment; a trump:

    The American public has witnessed the established government deal, play and lose hands at their expense.

    The cards keep getting shuffled and re-dealt and yet the same outcomes seem to manifest: one or more social and economic groups become part of a losing hand.

    The global off-shore elites are behind the games being played in our government and economy. They are the ones behind this house of cards. The stakes keep getting higher and higher and now someone has to pay. The American pubic has figured out that it is them.

    The dealers are the “puppets” put in place by the elite to carry out their every will.

    But, the American people have seen the strings being pulled and the marked cards. They are tired of their interests being dealt out of every hand. So they decided to get back in the game and designate a trump card, Donald Trump.

    Donald Trump is a manifestation of the American Dream. His parents were immigrants who came to America and became very rich. They saw opportunities and open doors and they took them.
    They believed in hard work and prosperity, as every American should. Donald followed the same path and has out surpassed his father in wealth and influence. He is the man you love to hate. But he is a symbol of what our country should be-a place where “dreams do come true.”

    The working class American public needs a hero. It inspires us to do the same and believe once again that America is a land of promise and possibility.

    The rules have changed and a new game is being played. The people have played their Donald “Trump” card.

    Written by Rhonda Howard