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Monday, March 7, 2016

Marco Rubio Wins PR Republican Primary

SAN JUAN (PRM) -- Florida Senator Marco Rubio won Puerto Rico's
Republican presidential primary election yesterday by a wide margin,
giving the embattled presidential candidate all of the island's 23 dele-
gates to the Republican convention. Rubio won with 25,513 votes,
which translates to over 71% of votes cast. Business magnate Donald
Trump received 4,610 votes for 12.86%, while Texas Senator Ted
Cruz nabbed 2,996 votes for 8% and Ohio Governor John Kasich
received 473 votes for 1.32%.

Approximately 25,000 voters participated in Sunday's primary, down
sharply from the 2012 vote. The island's Republican establishment
threw its support behind Rubio, a fact which surely contributed to the
Senator's landslide victory in Puerto Rico. Besides this contest, Rubio
has only won one other primary during this cycle, and that was last
week in Minnesota.

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