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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Puerto Rico News Digest For March 9, 2017


From The Washington Post:

"A federal control board warned on Wednesday that Puerto Rico’s govern-
ment needs to take “major emergency actions” to avoid shutting down be-
cause its cash flow is critically low. The comments published in a letter to
Gov. Ricardo Rossello are the sharpest yet made by a board that recently
began overseeing the U.S. territory’s finances. The board released an au-
dited financial statement that found this year’s government expenses co-
uld be understated by $360 million to $810 million. It warned that Puer-
to Rico could face a $190 million cash deficit by July..."


From Caribbean Business:

"More than 100 women clad in purple T-shirts blocked [Las Américas Ex-
pressway] yesterday as they linked arms and marched through the capital
of San Juan at dawn. The group clutched large purple flags emblazoned
with the female symbol and used bull horns to decry chauvinism and de-
mand more reproductive rights, among other things as nearby drivers hon-
ked in support Wednesday on International Women’s Day. Vanessa Contre-
ras,  spokeswoman for the group explained the reasons for the demonstra-
tion. “[...]Today is the International Day of Working Women and everywh-
ere in the world we are suffering the same blow of capitalism, of misogyny.
So beyond paying homage to ourselves, we want justice, and since the go-
vernment continues to not listen to us and our employers still do not listen
to us, we have decided to carry out an act of civil disobedience,”


From The San Juan Daily Star:

"The American Civil Liberties Union is challenging a decree passed by Pu-
erto Rico legislators that calls fo r40 days of fasting and prayer. The organi-
zation said in a statement Tuesday that the decree violates the concept of se-
paration of church and state. The decree was approved in February after Pu-
erto Rico’s House of Representatives President Carlos “Johnny” Méndez
said the island needed divine intervention as it struggles through an econo-
mic recession..."


From El Nuevo Dia:

The loss of 222,264 residents between 2009 and 2015 resulted in an annual
reduction of $69.5 million to government revenues from sales taxes and in-
dividual income tax returns. During this period, the Government’s General
Fund stopped receiving $411 million, a figure that could potentially increa-
se if the migratory pattern intensifies in the near future, according to econ-
omist José Alameda. Estimates show that 75% of Puerto Rican emigrants
had a source of income, while 70% of immigrants receive wages in some
form. In other words, proportionally, there are more employed people lea-
ving than arriving in Puerto Rico. Then there is the fact that for each immi-
grant there are almost three emigrants..."

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