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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Do Puerto Rican ballplayers belong in a stateside or potential international MLB draft?


Asking Puerto Ricans for their thoughts on how their young players are drafted by
Major League Baseball as part of the June first-year player draft is a little like po-
lling them about their political status with the United States: It’s complicated.

When considering their place somewhere between the spectrum of U.S. statehood
or independence, Puerto Ricans have generally voted for the status quo (a U.S.
commonwealth). But that could have been because those referendums, the biggest
ones held in 1998 and again most recently in 2012 (empty ballots notwithstanding),
were non-binding -- meaning that in political status, as with their place in Major
League Baseball, Puerto Ricans really have no right to self-determination. The
United States and Major League Baseball hold the cards.

Yes, it is complicated indeed...[CONTINUE READING]

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