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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Puerto Rico News Digest For August 26, 2015


The effects of Tropical Storm Erika are expected to be felt starting to-
morrow at around noon, and the system should be passing about 10 mi-
les north of Fajardo tomorrow evening. The National Weather Service
has issued a Tropical Storm Warning for Puerto Rico, Vieques, Cule-
bra and the US Virgin Islands. As of 8:00 AM, the storm was located
at 16.2N 56.8W, about 335 miles east of Antigua, and had maximum
sustained winds of 45 mph. Erika is moving west at about 17 mph, and
registered a barometric pressure of 1005 mb. Some strengthening is still
expected to happen over the next several hours. The tropical storm is ex-
pected to produce 2-4 inches of rain over Puerto Rico.

2 PM UPDATE: Erika now not expected to strengthen significantly
over next couple of days. Winds not a concern for land, but rather po-
tential flooding. Per the latest advisory, winds are still 45 mph with
higher gusts, and the storm is still moving west at 17 mph. Latest
coordinates are 16.3N 58.2W. Hurricane Hunter aircraft is on its way
to investigate further.

Keep checking The Puerto Rico Monitor for updates on Erika.


The rains produced by the remnants of Tropical Storm Danny helped ra-
ise the level of  the Carraízo water reservoir by 30 centimeters this mor-
ning, with its level currently at  34.04 meters. According to Alberto Lá-
zaro, President of AAA, the island's water utility, Carraízo's level would
have to increase by 2 to 2 1/2 meters in order for the water rationing plan
to be reduced to two days without running water from the current three
day plan. Despite Carraízo's gains, the La Plata reservoir's level has dro-
pped to 34.67 meters, 3.67 meters away from being out of service.


From The San Juan Daily Star:

The government plans to open up power generation to the private sector,
virtually ending the monopoly of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authori-
ty under the five-year fiscal adjustment plan. An outline of the plan, obtai-
ned by the STAR, states that the government will complete PREPA’s res-
tructuring of its $9 billion debt. The outline also says that PREPA will
“open up power generation to private competition to reduce electricity ra-
tes over time.” The private advisers to the change will be Alix Partners,
Millstein and Co., and Cleary and Gottlieb.


From Caribbean Business:

The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (Prepa) announced Tuesday it
has entered into new supply contracts for fuel oil and natural gas used in
its powerplants, tapping Freeport Commodities and Natural Gas Aprovisi-
onamientos, which are scheduled to begin deliveries Oct. 1.The power uti-
lity will buy fuel oil No. 6 from Freeport Commodities, while natural gas
used at its Costa Sur powerplant will be supplied by Natural Gas Aprovi-
sionamientos, saving Prepa about $55 million from its previous contracts,
and replacing Petrobas, its previous provider.


From The Orlando Sentinel:

Central Florida was the top destination of Puerto Ricans moving to the
mainland two years ago, according to new U.S. Census Bureau figures
released Tuesday. More than 7,500 Puerto Ricans moved to the Orlando
area in 2013, and most of them -- about 6,200 -- came from San Juan, the
island's capital, according to the Census Bureau. The New York metro area
was the next most popular destination, and it was the more popular choice
for residents of  Puerto Rico's smaller cities.

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