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Friday, August 28, 2015

Tropical Storm Erika Aftermath

Erika skirted Puerto Rico's southern coast overnight, leaving behind
less damage, and less rain, than anticipated. Across most of the island,
between 1 and 3 inches of rain have been registered, which raised the
level of the Carraizo reservoir by 45 centimeters and La Plata's level
by 22 centimeters. A bit more rain is expected, and the morning is
still relatively windy. But for the most part, the weather event is ess-
entially over. It will be over for good around noon today.

As of this morning, about 246,000 households are without electrical
power, and around 250 people sought refuge in shelters across the
island. There are some downed trees and other moderate wind damage
across Puerto Rico, especially in the south. Damage was minimal
around the San Juan area, where there is little traffic this morning.
Road PR-167 through Comerio is still shut down. It was closed yes-
terday as a preventive measure. Many flights out of San Juan's main
airport remain cancelled, but the airport is open. The 'Dry Law' and
price controls will expire at 10:00 AM today.

Tropical Storm Erika is now affecting the Dominican Republic
and is expected to head towards Florida next.

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