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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tropical Storm Erika Coverage

Good morning, Puerto Rico. Keep checking this post throughout the
day and night today for information on Tropical Storm Erika, inclu-
ding closings, power outages, flooding, etc. If you have any infor-
mation you would like us to post, please leave it in the comments
section below or email us at embillpublishing@gmail.com. We al-
so encourage you to check our Twitter feed.


9:25 PM: It seems like southern PR is still poised to take the
worst of Erika, after earlier forecasts had placed it closer to the
island's northeast, including Vieques and Culebra. Now it seems
like Ponce will take a direct hit from the storm's center (such
as it is). However, tropical storm force winds will be felt all 
across Puerto Rico until about noon tomorrow, and the rain will
then hang around for a little while after that. It is recommended
everyone stay inside until at least tomorrow evening and avoid
any unnecessary travel.

Strong winds have been felt already in the US Virgin Islands, and
the rain and wind are picking up in Vieques. The streets of the San
Juan metro area are eerily quiet as people hunker down in anticipa-
tion of worse weather.

Ferries between Fajardo & Vieques/Culebra will still be suspen-
ded tomorrow.

5:58 PM: We are now taking a break. We'll be back with updates
at around 9:00 PM ADT or sooner.

5:55 PM: Erika now expected to enter PR between Santa Isabel
and Ponce overnight, at abut 1 AM. San Juan will be very windy
around 11 PM. Storm will leave the local area at around 2 PM
tomorrow. 4-8 inches of rain forecast. Aír Europa, Jet Blue, Sea-
borne &  US Airways cancel flights. PR Government employees
will not be working tomorrow. No classes at public schools and 
courts will be closed. 

5:09 PM: A couple of items...Per US Coast Guard, all ports around
PR are closed. Also, there are no classes tomorrow at ANY of the
UPR campuses.

4:46 PM: 5 PM Nat'l Weather Svc advisory is out. Erika is finally
starting to take a turn towards the west/northwest, with a slight
slowing in forward speed to 15 mph. Max. sustained winds still
holding at 45 mph, barely tropical storm strength. Again, the real
danger with Erika will be the rain.

4:32 PM: Over 10,000 households reportedly without electrical
power already across the island.

4:28 PM: University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras has announced
that there will be no classes or administrative activities tomorrow.
It's probably safe to say this will apply to all UPR campuses, but
so far announcement only applies to Rio Piedras.

2:15 PM: Latest Erika satellite image:

1:43 PM: Now four are reported dead in Dominica due to Erika. Se-
veral people missing as well.

1:18 PM: Several public schools around Puerto Rico are being opened
to serve as shelters. Ernesto Ramos Antonini in Ponce is one of them.
Trying to obtain a list of more, will post here if we can find one. You
can call 3-1-1 or 787-723- 7707 for shelter information.

12:52 PM: Governor Padilla holds press conference, urges preparedness.
'Dry law' in effect from noon today to noon tomorrow, hotels/resorts
are exempt. Up to 12" of rain now expected to fall on the island due to
revised track.

12:42 PM: Government employees left work for the day within the last
hour. Lots of traffic around SJ metro area and beyond.

11:40 AM: Puerto Rico's consumer affairs agency, DACO, froze prices
for essential goods effective last night. This includes gas. Don't get
ripped off!

11:10 AM: From 11 AM advisory:

LOCATION...16.4N 63.3W

10:50 AM: These airlines have cancelled flights: Cape Air, Trade-
wind & Seaborne.

10:35 AM: Looking rainy in Vieques...


10:30 AM: Three people dead in the Caribbean island of Dominica
in the wake of Erika's passing.

9:23 AM: 'Dry Law' will go into effect at noon today. If you want
to buy liquor, you'd better do it before then.

9:18 AM: American Airlines and US Airways expected to shut down
operations at Luis Muñoz Marín Int'l Airport at 6:00 PM today. Flights
to Florida over the weekend could be affected as well, since the storm
is expected to head in that direction.

9:10 AM: Govenor Padilla has activated the National Guard. Catholic
University of Ponce is suspending classes at noon today.


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